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Photography, illustration & Webdesign | 2019
Photoshoot, online shop and brand highlights.

Ecofriendly brand, ethic and crafts

Responsac was born from a trip to Sri Lanka. Louis-Arnaud is on vacation there in 2018 and during his stay, he discovers a brand that gives a second life to the waste generated by the 2004 tsunami. An idea comes to his mind : why not do the same thing in the Hauts-de-France with the materials available ? The region, a former textile district, is full of fabrics of all kinds. Louis-Arnaud also thinks of hessian from coffee transport bags. The bags will soon see the light of day...


Responsac is a participatory approach that brings together craftsmen in a common dynamic : sharing. The desire is to support an entire profession emblematic of Hauts-de-France and to support the transmission of know-how. In its workshop, Les Hauts de Couture, craftsmen make unique and original bags, with an optimal level of quality, for sustainable fashion in favor of a local economy.

Upcycled bags and unique pieces
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Bags for all styles


Whether you are more classic or modern, whether you like colors or sobriety, the combinations between jute and fabrics give endless possibilities for bags. Make sure you find the one that suits you !


An e-shop to create your tailor-made bag

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Highlight the products and the process

The UX and UI have been designed to create a natural navigation between the project pages and the online store. Thus, users discover the values that support them in ordering.

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A victory for textile relocation in Hauts-de-France

Plus innovation according to discoveries, with the means available, to satisfy people sensitive to their impact on the environment.

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