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I am a nomadic designer, on a bike.

I like images and words, my goal is to create "wow" on your faces.


I find inspiration in my travels, since I decided to take a step aside and live differently : exploring, moving, meeting, experimenting, has become my daily life and what drives me forward.


On my bike, I travel through countries and feed myself with what and who I meet. In France, Italy and soon further East, I radiate further and further from my base camp and draw inspiration from each pedal stroke.


To grow and make your brand thrive.

I'm driven by creating smart concepts with attention-grabbing visuals and formulas to drive your brand forward.


Anchored in reality while allowing myself to dream hard, I always open up the field of possibilities. I invite you to follow me in this philosophy.

You have your activities, your business to run, your constraints and all the hazards that running a business generates. Here, we use these factors to turn them into strengths and find creative solutions.


I suggest that you adopt a posture that is both pragmatic and full of dreams to develop your business to the height of what you want for it.

​So, are you ready to think big ?

Where it all began

I started my designer career late in 2016. Graduated in communication/marketing and self-taught on the graphic design part, I am irremediably attracted by the design sector of the communication jobs. The problem is that on this side, I have no diploma, no baggage. No company wants to give me a chance. I think so :

"If I can't find my dream job, I'll create it"



This is how I got into entrepreneurship !


The years pass and I work for companies and NGOs, with impact : those which work to create a better world, for us and the generations to come. The sectors are varied but all are united by this will to make an ethical and responsible economy.


I therefore become a designer who reveal the meaning of the organizations that I accompany, using all the communication tools that I master.


© Cindi

My nomadic life is an exhaustible source of inspiration.

Let's talk today about your projects, your ideas and imagine together what your brand will be like tomorrow.

© Cindi

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