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It may seem surprising, but the nomadic lifestyle on a bike imposes a certain routine. In the morning, generally, I pack up the duvet, the mattress and the tent, I get dressed and I prepare a porridge and a coffee not far from where I slept.

Once the spaces is clean, I buckle up the panniers and start pedaling.

However, sometimes it doesn't happen that way.

The unexpected rings at my door... Or rather scratches at my tent.

It's here that the interest of nomadic life takes on its full meaning.

Where a more traditional lifestyle imposes many obligations that are difficult or even impossible to escape, life on a bike offers freedom of action and a propensity for change.

Thus, in an minute, you can decide to pause roaming, stop the meters and "settle". For me who is on the move, this expression gets my favors when it comes up punctually and allows me to experience something else. For a few hours or juste a day, I find myself immersed in a daily life far from mine. So I discover skills, activities and work that I would never have imagined doing.

This is what happened a few weeks ago, when I crossed the Menteşe/Muğla region along the Aegean Sea. One morning like seemingly any other, as I was getting ready to pedal to my next stop, a fisherman and his wife invited me to join their day of fishing.

I had never tried fishing before. I hesitated for a while, wondering if I was going to be up to it and if the very fact of killing fish wasn't against my convictions. But, I might not make this proposal to me twice.

Appealing to what I try to develop the most while traveling: flexibility and adaptability, I took my camera and climbed aboard the fishing boat with this Turkish couple in their forties, who didn't speak a word of English.

More than fishing, I saw the opportunity for a kind of photo reportage. Seeing these people doing these gestures that they repeat almost every day and being part of the mission motivated me to put aside my fears and my beliefs. I let myself be carried away and I lived a few unforgettable hours.

The next of the story in pictures.

See you soon for new unexpected experiences !

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