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It's only been 20 days since I started this new life as a nomadic designer on a bike and I've already had many adventures, met lovely people and marveled at all the places I've crossed.

Today, I'm near Rome, hosted by Adriano, a member of the Warmshowers network, and I'm taking the opportunity to sort through my memories, my photos and set the pace for what has now become my daily life.


I am a follower of "No plan is the best plan". Indeed, in my opinion, not planning is a good way to make room for the unexpected and, consequently, to see beautiful surprises arrive.

From then on, I like the idea of ​​having a very large direction then, letting myself be guided through encounters and experiences, while being alert to the signs that the continuation of the path is right there and that it is enough to throw.

For a long time now, I have loved taking photos, capturing moments of life that I have the chance to witness, only because I am in the right place at the right time.

My new way of life as a nomad on a bike is therefore an ideal court. Almost every day, I discover new cities, ways of living and every hour offers me different lights and atmospheres.

This is the first of the directions that I give to this journey on my bike.

When I'm not pedaling, I start walking and I observe what is happening around me to try to capture scenes and lights. I hope that these will please you and that through these images, you will be able to marvel as I was during my visit.

See you soon for new adventures.

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