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Village Ohana

Brand identity | 2022
Visual identity design

Early childhood and parenthood

Ohana is the encounter of two friends: Marie-Ketty and Marion, who want to create an ideal place for children and parents alike. Ohana wants to be a open area to the outside where everyone can play a role. Since it takes a whole village to educate a child as the saying goes, Ohana creates intergenerational links between adults and children who will create and transform the world of tomorrow.


The Ohana micro-nursery goes beyond its role of childcare. It's constantly evolving. Open to the world, it is anchored in the continuity of home and family. It's an inspiring place where everyone can come with their talents and desires. A space that facilitates the creation of bounds, a resource place where when you land, you don't want to leave so much you feel good there.

A child-sized world
Grown-ups have much to learn from children who will create and transform the world to come.
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The Ohana philosophy is based on 6 values which are the pillars of the brand
To express them, I imagined representing these values through original houses. Each of them becomes a major part of the Ohana village.
ohana fond.png
Bright and punchy colors, like the founders, who want to move the lines of parenthood and break the traditional image of the "perfect parent"
ohana village.png

Symbols to represent key elements

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ohana pictos-12.png
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Ohana is a place, a village, where a relationship of trust and proximity is created

so that everyone is free to propose their ideas and projects

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